Where have you been?



Its been a bit of a break since I have  blogged. Primarily because there was a lot going through me in my growth.  Some of which I did not even realize. I had to take some time to sort out my thoughts, soul space, and spirit and gain strength.

I am back to my writing, however it takes shape, and at whatever frequency I am inspired to write.  I no longer wish to commit to anything that is not soulfully felt to simply create content…I wish to have my content be more heart felt and deep.

I choose to write to share my journey in hopes to help those out there who are also working through challenging spaces within.  It is also my therapy to pour out my thoughts into words and to have a place to see my own walk and growth.

So with that, it has been an interesting road.  One filled with emotional ups and downs.  Tremendous amount of inner work, tugging, pulling, soulful screaming, confusion, pain, sadness, joy and happiness to experience.  Working through this definitely has transpired an awakening.  Many realizations flood through my soul, which at times, I feel I cannot even keep up with.  Fractions of moments with heightened conscious thoughts, which I try to quickly pen down to share, so they does not disappear.  It’s aha moment after aha moment and epiphany after epiphany.

What will come to fruition is simple…my walk in all realness and authenticity, my life and its transformation, all tied in with a mama-hood to share how a women and mother walks a daily life in her own being.

I feel ready to contribute to humanity and truly help others get through whatever it is they face through my story.

Looking forward to connecting.

To all celebrating Eid today, Eid Mubarak.  Blessings on this day be felt by each of you!
Love and light.

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