What’s all the noise about conscious parenting

Conscious parenting you say?!?!?

Today, we see a lot of do’s and don’t when it comes to parenting and less of just go with your heart.  In a nutshell conscious parenting is really about engaging with children in their day to day lives to gain a deeper understanding of what they need.  It is also about providing our children a space where they feel safe and secure to grow in a very nurturing manner.  I can say as a mama who tries to conscious parent, it is something that works for me.  Its really about teaching through love and giving my little guy the right balance of independence with a mix of guidance that allows him to be who he wants to be.  So, yes this sounds all fluffy in a world where we all have our mama moments, but overall, I feel when I practice parenting in a mindful manner, somehow parenting becomes more joyful.

Let me give you some practical examples to help:

Challenge: My little one is freaking out because his Lego building is broken.
Solution: Ask Mr. K if he needs hug and ask if he would like to rebuild the building together rather than shouting its okay fix it.

Challenge: Mr. K’s breakfast is not ready and he wants cereal which we do not have in the house.
Solution:  I understand you would like to have cereal, but we do not have cereal right now. I can give you two choices toast or pancakes, instead of we don’t have cereal pick something else.

Challenge: My little one says, mama it’s not fair that you do not let me play on a gadget.
Solution: Can you explain to me why you think its not fair? rather than, I said no, this means no.

These are a few examples of situations I come across regularly which are pretty common and how I handle Mr. K.  Is it always perfect? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Some days I want to lose my S&%T but with constant practice and mindfulness I do get better.

When embracing conscious parenting there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be reflective
2. Think about your actions
3. Embrace and practice being calm – challenges come, its how you handle them
4. Respect your little one, remember they are human
5. Be authentic in your relationship
6. Give little ones room to be themselves and explore
7. Be flexible and allow some wiggle room for mistakes, its not the end of the world
8. Be mindful of your tone
9. Give lots of love and hugs
10. Have fun, parenting does not always have to be so serious

Let me know if you have any tips on conscious parenting that have worked for you…


2 thoughts on “What’s all the noise about conscious parenting

  1. Hey Mama! Thank you for your honesty and sharing real life examples on how to approach these challenges situations without losing your s*%t!

    1. Thank you Joanna! Glad you enjoyed the post. We can only try not to lose it right?…It is a continuous practice of patience that is for sure.

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