What does it mean to respect your little one

Here’s the thing, my little guy loves to push my buttons to see how far he can get away with what he wants.  There will always be lots to learn as Mr. K grows but one thing I always think about is how will he be, being a human being in this world.

Its easy to get carried away with disciplining but for me the most important thing is to teach my little guy how to be a good person.  This encompasses respect, compassion, empathy, self love, confidence, and kindness.

When I get caught up in the disciplining part of being a mama, I have to stop and remind myself, my child also needs to feel like he is respected, listened to, understood and treated like a human.  As a mama, my words and actions are critical because every act is watched.  My behaviour is constantly being observed and what I do is also being mimicked by my little one.  So what am I teaching Mr. K?  Are my words vibrating with the same respect I want him to understand? What message am I sending to my little one?  I know today, that how I treat my little one is what he will remember and put out into the world.


What does this look like in my world…

One aspect is that, in our household I talk about sharing kindness with others, giving to the less fortunate, being honest, discussing the difference between right and wrong, talking about feelings and showing love.

The second this is that, the concept of respect to a 4 year old is vague and based on emotion and feeling.  So, I believe speaking with kindness rather than yelling teaches my little guy what it feels like to feel good inside.  Feel those tickles in the heart as I call it.  It provides a space and sense of respect because speaking to him like a person makes him feel like a human.

Lastly, I know for sure that, all my little guy needs is to know he matters and that he gets my attention.  Spending time with him with the energy and vibration of being in the present is what gives Mr. K a feeling that I respect his space and honour what he needs in the now.


This is all easier said than done, but with just like we need to exercise muscles in our body, we can exercise a practice of giving to our kids what they need.  Making Mr. K feel like he is important, his opinions are valued, he is able to be free with his thoughts, and be an independent individual is what I feel will help him in the future as he grows up to be a good being.

Try taking a minute to stop and to reflect on how you show respect to your little one. Respect with a sprinkle of love goes a long way.

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