Ways to connect with your little one

Connecting with Mr. K is an absolute priority.  In today’s chaotic world, it is necessary for me to show my little guy I am there, paying attention and connect with him on a daily basis. I use to think this would entail extravagant ways to keep him entertained.  I also thought I had to buy new things to do at home or always go out to play places to be more connected.  As I explored this a little more, I realized it actually is a lot easier and simpler than this.  It is in the basic day to day where connecting happens.  Kids really want to know that we are paying attention to them.  Yes, this is a bit harder to do with all the to do lists going through a mama’s mind, but trust me, if you just stop for a minute, listen and be in the moment.  That bonding moment is so valuable and priceless.  So what shifted for me to stop and be…it was the realization that time is not stopping for me to embrace each moment Mr. K grows up.  Every moment is a new moment in his life and I really do not want to miss out on his expressions, questions, playfulness and being.  Mr. K will be five in November and I cannot believe time has just flown by.  So now I try to make more of an effort to be with him (trying at times) but at least I try.

Here are a few connection activities that have worked for me:

1.  Sitting down for a small picnic for dinner to change it up
2.  Going on a nature walk and talking about the trees and animals along the way
3.  Writing a small story with your kids – letting them lead it
4.  Breathing exercise – literally stopping to breathe together
5.  Yoga – its fun doing silly poses together
6.  Talking to your kids daily about their day
7.  Playing the heart game – understanding the concept of the heart for kids is interesting – jump up and down feel heart beat / breath and slow down and feel the heart beat and notice the difference
8.  Observing the sky in the car and talking about fun shapes
9.  Before going to school asking Mr. K what is one kind thing he will do during his day
10. Asking Mr. K what his favourite part of the day and what he is most grateful for – we do this daily
11. Talking to Mr. K about new things he learned in his day
12. Saying a prayer before bed
13. Hugs and kisses

These small ways have helped me start interesting conversations with Mr. K.  It has also helped him be expressive and share his thoughts with me.  Its always fun to see how my little guy thinks.

I hope this will help you connect with your little ones.  Try these and let me know how it goes.


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