The journey to claiming my power

First and foremost, all views are my own. I am simply expressing my experiences on personal growth.

Soul work is the hardest work I continue to do. I wanted to share a bit of my journey to claiming my power…You have seen my posts about my life and some of my challenges.  This will put into perspective how I got to where I am toady.

I embarked on a journey in January 2017.  I enrolled in a course called Claim Your Power (CYP) after my best friend did this course with Mastin Kipp and highly recommended it.  When I saw her growth, I was intrigued as to what this was all about.  In researching about CYP, the site stated, that the program is about getting unstuck, accelerating results and implementing purpose. I knew very little about the course, what it would entail ,and what my outcome would be by the end of it all.  None the less, I took the leap, as I had this deep desire to make a shift in my life to being more of who I am, living on purpose and honouring my being.

Deciding to take on this program was a big decision for me as I finally put myself first.  It confirmed that I matter to myself.  It taught me self-love is vital in theory and in practice.  Given my nature is to do more for others than myself, this was an huge step for me in giving myself a gift of care.  To be honest, it felt really good and empowering knowing for the first time I did this for me.  Essentially, it was not about my external world and life factors but what I needed and what was important to my life and growth.  This was not about being a career women, a mama, a friend etc.  but simply about me wanting to get deeper and to learn about my wants and needs.

The program ran over a course of 6 months.  The course ran 3 months and the other 3 months were what I would call maintenance of growth at a steady pace.  You may think, 6 months of work on yourself is a long time, but change takes time and breaking habits and patterns requires consistency and discipline to maintain.  With complete dedication week after week and commitment to win and come out brighter on the other side, I was able to day by day make small changes to push through.  Let me just say, it was the toughest but most liberating program I have ever taken.

Change in human behaviour is the most challenging to work towards.  When I took this on, I really wanted to figure out my purpose.  I wanted to understand what I am really here on earth to do, how can I help others, and be fulfilled in life by doing what I love.  I felt I had a lot in me to do more in life, but was not sure why I felt stuck or stagnant.  I had this deeper calling but was not able to figure out what it was all about.  I always heard things like, live your purpose, listen to your heart, be who you want to be…this meant absolutely nothing to me because I did not know how to get there.  I did not have the tools or guidance as to what to do.

Claiming my power was going through the program and asking difficult questions that typically mamas do not have time to answer.  Questions such as, what do you want, what do you need, why are you feeling such emotions, what makes you happy, what makes you tick…etc.  These questions seem simple but when you put pen to paper and really dig deep the answers are tough to bring out.  In addition to this, for me, it was really about being confident in who I am.  I was always a shy, low self esteem, behind the scenes, unworthy feeling women.  I did not want to live this way anymore and wanted to shine bright in light and use the gifts I know I have to give to the world.

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What did I have to do:
1. attend each weekly session with the coach – Mastin Kipp
2. complete weekly review of videos and worksheets
3. participate in yoga, meditation, journal writing, mirror work
4. sit with emotions no matter how I felt

It was a lot of disciplined work, focus and small steps everyday to understand my blocks, my patterns and most importantly acting towards making changes not just thinking of what I want to change.  Through the process there were good days and bad days.  Days I cried and days I felt joy. Days I felt angry and days I was happy.  I had to learn to really embrace every emotion in my being that was surfacing and that I was feeling.  Some of which I did not want to deal with.  The biggest change for me was mindset. My aha’s throughout the program were massive…in no particular order here they are…

1. Knowing I am always supported by Divine / Universe
2. Accepting I am worthy of being in this world
3. Understanding I am blessed with my gifts and they are needed in this world
4. Appreciating my flaws and accepting them as part of who I am
5. Realizing not being perfect is okay
6. Happiness is a priority
7. Putting myself first is vital so I can than give back to others
8. Learning about my blocks and survival patterns is important so I can navigate life
9. Loving who I am (very hard for me to do) is the most important gift I can give myself
10. I am in control of my life
11. I matter
12. My feelings matter
13. I do not need to be validated by others
14. I only wish to do things in life that serve my highest good
15. Negative emotions serve a huge purpose
16. Pain is my biggest life lesson
17. Honouring who I am is necessary
18. Mistakes are part of the journey
19. Self judgement is not worth it
20. Being authentic is really honouring youself
21. Your core and soul are your guide
22. Listen to your intuition
23. Its okay to make mistakes that is part of life
24. My happiness matters and only I have control over who and what robs me of this
25. Life has many lessons that show up in different ways, how you respond is your choice
26. Biggest one…loving myself because if I don’t than no one else truly can

Would I do this entire program again? ABSOLUTELY! Every time I go back to the tools and materials I learn something different.  Claiming my power was really about learning to respect myself, knowing my worth, being kind to myself, being compassionate with myself on my journey, embracing my feminine side, letting go of things that are not of me or for me, stepping it up in honouring my gifts, and self love!  My journey of learning has not ended, I am constantly a work in progress. I can say through this program, I slowly but surely came home to myself.  We all know deep down inside who we are.  It is ingrained it us from the moment we are born, but as we grow we forget, not only who we are but that we came from love.  This journey for me was about coming back to the essence and core of me.   I am still working on it but being home within myself is a peaceful feeling. For now, I am working on serving my highest good and following through with my intuition and listening to my deepest feelings whisper to me.  In the words of my best friend, everything in life is only teaching you more about who you are.  So to more growth, learning and happy times!

– theawakenedmama

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