The first 3 months of motherhood…

A really close friend of mine just had a little one (well about 4 months ago)…

During a conversation not long ago, she passively stated, why is it that no one talks about the adjustment of being a parent that hits you like a tonne of bricks when you leave the hospital? I dedicate this post to her and to all new mamas out there.

I had no clue what I was doing when Mr. K was born.  I did not read much while I was pregnant and just went with the flow.  I had very little knowledge of what to expect, except for what others shared. We as mama’s hear so much through various means, it can be overwhelming and confusing.  As I have said before, there is no recipe for motherhood.  It is simply is what works for you…



So what happened when Mr. K was born…

1. Tonnes of sleepless nights and delirium from lack of sleep
2. Lots of rocking
3. Non-stop eat, spit-up, sleep, poop meaning change after change after change
4. Many moments of “am I doing this right?” because I was not aware this would, could, or should happen
5. Rushing to the doctor or calling the doctor when I felt something was wrong
6. Major struggle with breast feeding – for me this was not easy at all
7. Baby’s GI system developing meaning lots of colic and acid re-flux
8. Power naps were my mission even if it meant baby had to sleep on my chest
9. Not understanding why, every time I put the baby down in his crib, he would scream
10. Feeling like a zombie, because I had not combed my hair, had a proper shower, or had a moment to eat in peace for a long time
11. Conversations with other adults didn’t always make sense
12. Body parts I never felt came alive – thank you healing body!
13. Being able to sit down for a few minutes was the best feeling ever


Though it felt like total chaos and uncertain at times, the initial 3 months of “what am I doing?” are completely normal. It is a complete adjustment.  Remember, you are bringing a life in to this world.  A new being, who has only known the mama’s womb for 9 months.  Just as much as we may feel like we are adjusting, so is the new born to so many things such as breathing air, new sounds, new touch, new way of feeding, new surroundings and I am sure feeling uncomfortable.  If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know my solution to a lot of things is love.  Time really does pass by quicker than we can imagine,  so it won’t be like this forever.  Take a moment to enjoy the sweet being you just brought to life.  It truly is a gift!

If there are things you experienced please do share so other mamas can feel like they are not alone.

– theawakenedmama


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