Making my little guy proud

What it would be like to have your kids be proud of you as a parent?

As parents, we always want our kids to make us proud in so many ways.  I was recently thinking about this and thought what would it be like to make my little guy proud of me? When I reflected on this, I thought about how I would make Mr. K proud of me? What could I do or what do I do that would make him feel like his mama is doing the best she can for herself and him.


There are many things I have blogged about around here including becoming the best version of me, doing some inner work and being authentic.  I thought it would be a fun to take a look at this concept and reflect on it a bit more.  So here are a few things that I came up with that I feel would make Mr. K proud of me:

1. I am an ever evolving soul and I work on my own growth as much as I can  – Mr. K sees me journaling, exercising, meditating, praying and so he sees this as part of who I am

2. I try to bring my whole being to motherhood to give the best I can – I am thoughtful in my responses to Mr. K and how I interact with him

3. I push myself to do different projects which help me continuously learn – Mr. K sees me blog and knows mama is doing something interesting and asks to see what I do, so I always share (he might be featured on a small project on here soon!)

4. I reflect on who I am – I tend to ask Mr. K questions about myself, for example, a question I often ask is, what do you think about how mama spoke to you today…this way he gets to see that he is a part of my life and his input is valuable

5. I participate in self-care to honour myself – Mr. K will see me light candles and, use my aromatherapy oils, do yoga and enjoy a cup of tea…sometimes he sits with his cup of chocolate milk, does a yoga pose, or some breathing exercises and spends time with me…it is super cute to watch him

6. I try to be a role model – This is simply my daily actions and my day to day interactions with Mr. K

7. I respect people’s souls and humanity at large – Before school we always talk about being kind to others and showing others love and care…as situations arise, Mr. K and I always talk about how we can handle situations, be it at school or even at home during a tantrum

8. I do not judge people or their journey and understand everyone is working on their own being – I always talk to Mr. K about everyone being their own special person including himself and so everyone is important on earth.  We talk about how everyone is different and brings unique things to this world

9. I operate from a place of love, light, compassion and kindness – Loving Mr. K is always just a pleasure and reminding him and telling him how special he is to me is a daily conversation…this truly allows him to love not only mama but others (he is a pretty loving kid)

10. I give the best hugs and kisses 🙂 …well at least I think so!

Here is a little comparison of how my answers matched up with Mr. K’s when we spontaneously had a chat about the topic over dinner.  Mr. K’s top  list is:

1. Playing with me
2. Hugs and kisses – I am glad he thinks so too!
3. Saying goodnight
4. Helping others
5. Helping in the house
6. Sharing

I feel just as much as we want to be proud of our kids, it’s nice to know they can equally be proud of us.  In some ways making them proud of us as parents is important so they understand that the parent child relationship works both ways.

I suggest asking your kids what makes them proud of you…you might be surprised with their answers.  I would love to hear your kids answers, so do let me know.


4 thoughts on “Making my little guy proud

  1. This is lovely! I really want my kids to be able to see me as a calmer person than I’m sure I appear: I feel I’m always on the run! Tea sounds like a good starting place 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder that they’re watching <3

    1. Hi Emily, I am not sure that I have met anyone more calm than you 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you enjoy some tea and milk with your little ones.

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