How to work with a scared child…

The other day my little one got out of bed and was scared to go back to sleep. Part of me wanted to give in, and sleep next to him. Another part of me did not want to cave in to make this a habit. Given that it was WAY past bed time a quick strategy needed to be put into place so I would not have a little one running around the house with excuses and wanting to sleep in the same bed. I have no issues with sleeping with little ones and nothing against it but for my little guy this has been routine for him to sleep in his own bed since he was weeeee little. If the situation had truly been one where he was in need, I would have rested by his side for a bit. None the less, when kids are in this mode, its extremely important to provide them with some safety and using a gentle understanding tone is key. After a long day and wanting to simply rest myself, keeping cool was something I kept telling myself.


Here are a few things that worked for Mr. K:

1. Gently asking him to get back into bed and letting him know his favourite bunny would be sad if he did not have company. This definitely made him think…

2. Staying with Mr. K for a few minutes and tucking him in again always makes him feel better

3. A back rub for the little guy eases his nerves and also provides him with a mama touch, pair this with a few deep breaths provides him some sense of calming (next time, I just might use lavender essential oil…did not think to grab it this time)

4. A prayer for protection, which we pray together, always makes Mr. K feel like there are some angels watching over him and he is not alone

5. Letting him know mama is just outside also makes him feel a sense of security that I am around the house

Mr. K does try to push his limits, either to say up a little longer and will always have excuses like the usual “I need water” or “I need to go pee” but I try to stay firm with a touch of softness in making sure he is quick and enforce that bed time is bed time.

Hope this is helpful to you mama’s out there. If you have other tips, do post below.

Love and light <3

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