Happy vs. Angry Cells

The battle of happy and angry cells has been the most recent topic in my household.

So what is this all about…

My little one has grown to learn to express his feelings which includes frustration, anger, happiness and joy to name a few.  Teaching a 4 year old about feelings is a challenging task but one that I feel really strongly about as it involves strong emotions.  So how about the happy vs angry cell analogy.

When my little one gets angry, I have been reminding him that his happy cells are disappearing and his angry cells are taking over.  I am not really sure where I came up with this, but it seems to be helping Mr. K with managing his emotions and serves as a good reminder to stop, think, breathe and assess what he is feeling.

This weekend Mr. K decided to inquire about these happy cells, where do they come from and where do they live.  All to say this led to an interesting conversation.  Here is a little bit of our chat that hopefully might help you out there:

Mr K: Where do happy cells live?
Mama:  They live in your body and they float around everywhere.  They are red which symbolizes love, and they love to make you feel really tingly all over.  I proceeded to show Mr. K his arteries and veins to allow him to get a better picture of what this would look like in real life.
Mr K: Mama what do these cells feel like?
Mama: They feel like calm and peaceful (we took a few deep breaths to explore these feelings).  I continued to explain happy cells feel like tickles in the heart.
Mr. K: Are angry cells the same?
Mama: Well, sort of…but when you get angry, they feel like this (as I tapped his heart really fast).  So when your heart beats so fast, the angry cells move faster around your body than happy cells and they quickly take over you to make you feel hot and like you want to scrunch your face and scream.
Mr K: Is this why you always tell me to breathe mama?
Mama: Yes, so you can get your happy cells back, because they love you.

I firmly believe, kids need to express their feelings.  As a mama, if I cannot understand what Mr. K is going through, I am not able to support him the way I know how.

I hope this helps you with your little ones

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